If you have a piece of jewellery that is broken, I can either repair or remake the piece, I can also change the findings. if you need a kilt adjust or remade I can also do this. to get a piece of jewellery repaired/ remade please send the piece, instructions and a return address to me, Nicky Leighton, to the address on the locations page.

If you would like a kilt adjusted to fit your waist or it shortened, please send it to me to the address on the locations page along with the waist or the waist to knee length. If it's a remake you require, I will need your waist, hips and waist to knee length and your address. Of course you can always drop off the pieces to the address on the locations page within the opening times.

Price list

All payments must be included with the items to be repaired or remade, cheques to be made out to Nicola Leighton

Jewellery repair/ remake: £2.50 per piece

Kilt waist/ length adjustment: £35

Kilt remake: £150